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The Project involves pulling, processing and analyzing large amounts of structured and semi-structured Data from web API's and various data stores. Most of the data is related to eCommerce businesses, online marketing, visitor behavior. The goal of the project is to provide a clean data set of all relevant online data for an eCommerce business and use that data for API's to optimize product merchandising (recommendations), user-generated content, conversion rate, and marketing spend across all channels. More info on the company
Kyiv, Ukraine Full-Time Internship
Posted 4 months ago
uData School - an educational project, where talented mathematicians are studying for free and getting one of the data science professions. The range of tasks that are solved by uData School teams include, but is not limited to the following: - organizing data in the database; - creating the IT infrastructure to work with this data; - removing the outliers, outdated records, missing data, incorrect or unused information; - normalizing and structuring database; - running statistical tests on your data and simple regressions; - finding relationships in your data and mine the data for patterns; - creating visualizations, histograms, analytic reports of your business; - creating supervised learning models: neural networks, SVMs, logistic regression models (and many others); - creating unsupervised models: clustering, collaboration filtering, etc for your data.
Kyiv, Ukraine Full-Time
Posted 5 months ago
Our client is a free, award-winning platform for creating personalized apps & playing thousands of others created daily by superstar educators and experts. With simple, interactive tools such as Q&A, readings, soundboards, puzzles, and more, anyone can create beautiful games to teach and learn anything. Available for free on iOS & Android. Funded by leading VC funds, the company is the world’s largest library of educational games handmade by educators worldwide. There are over 150,000 games on the platform that are played by over a million families each month. Games are created by teachers worldwide on the platform, which enables the creation and sharing of educational games without having to code. 50% of each subscription revenue goes back to the teacher who created the games. Families and teachers can create and play thousands of games for free or purchase a subscription to unlock premium content and view learning data about their children. 50% from every subscription revenue goes back to the teachers who create the games! We are looking for a talented and driven Data Engineer to join startup's growing team. You will be communicating daily with ambitious Israeli startup team and working alongside people who are driven by a mission worth joining - empowers families, teachers and students to learn from each other by creating their own personalized learning apps.
Kyiv, Ukraine Full-Time
Posted 8 months ago
DataRoot Labs is looking for a Superstar Python Developer to join our development team. DataRoot Labs is a leading Data Science and Data Engineering company, striving to put Ukraine on the map of the world’s best professional Data Science and Data Engineering service providers serving customers across the globe. You will hold a leading position and be working directly with the founder and CTO of the top Israeli Data startups of 2018 — Databand. The platform orchestrates ML creation and data processing within organizations and provides visibility to data scientists and engineers involved in the process. The platform streamlines the integration, productization, and testing of ML pipelines, thus enabling the different stakeholders to work together on ML projects in an efficient, frictionless, way.
Kyiv, Ukraine Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel Full-Time
Posted 8 months ago
About the position DataRoot Labs is looking for Scala Engineer to join our team. You will be working in a fast-changing entrepreneurial environment with the young and ambitious team. Our goal is to drive the Data Science market and put Ukraine on the map of global industry leaders. We look for a team member who would advance our mission forward with the same passion as we do. Your day to day work will involve working on various Data Engineering projects for our global clients in the US, EU, and Israel helping them develop cutting edge MVPs, solve ongoing challenges or assist with the entire digital transformation of the established enterprise. You will be continuously communicating with our engineering team and manage the project from start to finish, delivering high-quality execution within the defined time frame. Get ready to step into the driver’s seat as you will be responsible for executing challenging projects. Fasten your seatbelt for the exciting ride ahead!
Kyiv, Ukraine Full-Time Part-Time
Posted 10 months ago
Holovis - is one of the world's leading authorities in employing immersive virtual and augmented reality solutions enabling its clients to deploy the most memorable, cost effective and innovative solutions. They also specialize in helping clients to envision products, environments and solutions before committing to capital investment. The Holovis’ bespoke system which create the immersive environments are used to inform their design and styling choices in 3 dimensions and at full scale.This not only saves the time and expense of repeated build and test cycles but reduces risk and encourages creativity - resulting in more distinctive and competitive designs. This is an experiential design company specialising in the creation of immersive and mixed reality solutions to engage audiences, take them on transformative journeys and deliver powerful messaging. Holovis does this with the unique multi-sensory technology and build some of the world’s most advanced visualisation and software solutions for Enterprise sectors including automotive, aerospace and construction.
Kyiv, Ukraine Full-Time
Posted a year ago
Spetrotec LTD is an Israeli company specializing in the development of security and surveillance systems for private and commercial clients around the world. You will join a team of developers who receive direct tasks and are in close contact with the client. The, a product of Spetrotec, is a vehicle tracking platform which allows to view statistics, spot location and receive event notifications in real time. Aside from you, the team is comprised of two developers that have been working on the project for over a year. The communication and the tasks come directly from the CTO and the CEO of the company. This process minimizes bureaucracy and encourages to take active part in the product development.
Kyiv, Ukraine Freelance Full-Time Internship Part-Time Remote
Posted a year ago
Bookimed is a service of searching for the best medical solutions. We arrange treatment for people from all over the world. Bookimed is looking for a talented Data Scientist in Kyiv to join the big team. The team is working closely with Marketing Department on innovative solutions for entire Bookimed and its clients. Your primary focus will be in applying data mining techniques, enhancing data collection procedures to include information that is relevant for building analytic systems, doing statistical analysis, and building high-quality prediction systems, build recommendation systems.