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About the position DataRoot Labs is looking for Scala Engineer to join our team. You will be working in a fast-changing entrepreneurial environment with the young and ambitious team. Our goal is to drive the Data Science market and put Ukraine on the map of global industry leaders. We look for a team member who would advance our mission forward with the same passion as we do. Your day to day work will involve working on various Data Engineering projects for our global clients in the US, EU, and Israel helping them develop cutting edge MVPs, solve ongoing challenges or assist with the entire digital transformation of the established enterprise. You will be continuously communicating with our engineering team and manage the project from start to finish, delivering high-quality execution within the defined time frame. Get ready to step into the driver’s seat as you will be responsible for executing challenging projects. Fasten your seatbelt for the exciting ride ahead!
Kyiv, Ukraine Full-Time Part-Time
Posted a year ago
Spetrotec LTD is an Israeli company specializing in the development of security and surveillance systems for private and commercial clients around the world. You will join a team of developers who receive direct tasks and are in close contact with the client. The, a product of Spetrotec, is a vehicle tracking platform which allows to view statistics, spot location and receive event notifications in real time. Aside from you, the team is comprised of two developers that have been working on the project for over a year. The communication and the tasks come directly from the CTO and the CEO of the company. This process minimizes bureaucracy and encourages to take active part in the product development.