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Data Science & AI Roadmap by DataRoot Labs

1467 Students Enrolled • Last Updated • 20/09/2018 • Languages • English, Russian

During intense 5-module learning cycle, you study only the essential theory needed for any full-cycle data science project development. Each module contains materials, labs, and tests. Our automated dHired’s Slack bot, grades your code and helps to debug it, gives rewards for each activity (DataRupees), and more 🔥

Roadmap Structure - Modules (5)

1 Python for Data Science
2 Machine Learning
3 Deep Learning
4 Frameworks & Deployment
5 Big Data Tools

Last Updated • 20/09/2018

Reviews (4) - What our Graduates & Partners Say
Yehor Chankov Photo
  • Yehor Chankov
  • Machine Learning Engineer, DeckRobot
“Great idea that was professionally implemented. Personally I liked the concept of learning students in a gaming form. But the most rewarding was the feeling, when you watch your knowledge grow over infinite practice and theory. My motivation was to gain skillset that could allow me to be one step ahead of my competitors. Thanks to dHired I got a dream job. Moreover, I got new friends and connections in a field of machine learning. Theory. Practice. Fun. That is what a true data science course should look like!”
Bogdan Pytaychuk Photo
  • Bogdan Pytaychuk
  • AI Developer, DataRoot Labs
“What makes this place superior are the passionate people who really care about the quality of education they provide. The materials are curated by mentors, the learning process is hardcore, and the problems are strictly practical business cases from real companies who potentially provide a dream job upon graduation. Too good to be true, but it`s really true. Speaking from experience, it is hard to find a better place to start a career!”
Yuliya Sychikova Photo
  • Yuliya Sychikova
  • CEO, Ukraine Global Scholars
“Having observed their work on the inside as one of the invited speakers, I have to say that dHired team truly cares about providing the most meaningful educational experience to their students. They are passionate about what they do, they take time to think what is best for the school and carefully prepare for each module. What is more important – they do all that with a smile on their face and a positive attitude. Great mission, professional execution, awesome team! I look forward to working with them again in the future.”
Ihor Sizon Photo
  • Ihor Sizon
  • Head of Analytics, Bookimed
“I learned about dHired from my classmates and right away signed up for the third wave. During those four months of school I learned so much – the tech algorithms, programming patters and much more. Most importantly, I gained fundamental understanding of how to apply those concepts to real use cases which is something I couldn’t learn at the university. Highly recommend the school to anyone interested in quality Data Science education.”

Active Sessions

  • DRU DS W4 153 Students
  • DRU DS W5 172 Students
  • DRU DS W6 177 Students
  • DRU DS W7 189 Students
  • DRU DS W8 194 Students
  • DRU DS W9 228 Students
  • DRU DS W10 354 Students
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