Data Science engineer

Published on Aug 17, 2021

A Product company with office in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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1-3 years
Job Type:
Data Engineering
Deep Learning
Data Science & AI

What You Will Do Responsibilities
  • Solutions research and development
  • Solve difficult and non-routine image/signal processing problems while prototyping and building machine learning tools and pipelines
  • Developing and supporting API

What You Should Bring
  • Fluency in at least one programming language (C/C++, Python, Julia)
  • Strong programming skills utilizing Scikit-learn, OpenCV, Keras and/or Tensorflow libraries, PyTorch framework
  • OOP experience
  • Experience in image processing, including traditional statistical methods and feature extraction approaches
  • Familiarity with a broad set of supervised and unsupervised ML-based solutions to image or signal processing
  • Strong analytical, creative problem-solving skills, and experience with fast prototyping of a minimum viable product
  • Experience in implementing real-time machine learning and computer vision algorithms in large scale environments

What You Will Get Benefits
  • Flexible working hours with remote work
  • Opportunities for professional development and personal growth;
  • Competitive salary, reasonable and fair working conditions
  • Team of strong IT professionals working in a vibrant product environment

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