Machine Learning Engineer

Published on Jun 24, 2021
ITRex Group

An Outsource company with office in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Apply for a Job

1-3 years
Job Type:
Data Engineering
Data Science & AI

What You Will Do Responsibilities

● ​Developing, testing, and deploying machine learning algorithms to support and improve business processes
● ​Creating and maintaining a framework for deploying machine learning algorithms​​● Building applications to implement, track, and monitor models, ensuring the accuracy​​of deployed algorithms on an ongoing basis
● ​Engineering ML-based solutions and algorithms to meet the needs of various TMG business units
● ​Conducting end-to-end analysis, including data gathering from internal and external sources; specifying requirements; processing, compiling, and validating data; and ensuring deliverables are met
● ​Collaborating with other technology and business teams to build creative and viable solutions
● ​Working hand-in-hand with Machine Learning Software Engineers to ensure a consistent and reliable ML pipeline

What You Should Bring

● ​5 years of working experience as engineer including minimum 1.5+ years of professional experience in Data Science or Applied Machine Learning
● ​Proficiency with Python
● ​Hands-on experience with ​SQL
● ​Solid engineering and coding skills with the ability to write high-performance production quality code
● ​Good understanding of common families of machine learning models, feature engineering, feature selection and other practical machine learning issues, such as overfitting
● ​You can speak English at the Intermediate level (at least)


○ ​NodeJS
○ ​A W S
○ ​Kafka
○ ​RabbitMQ
○ ​Ssh, bash, and Linux

What You Will Get Benefits

● ​Opportunity to work with amazing people in a friendly and engaging environment
● ​Competitive benefits package focused on work/life balance
○ ​Flexible work hours and remote work options
○ ​18 working days of paid leave
○ ​7 days of sick leave when you can be off work due to an illness without a
medical certificate
○ ​3 days of unscheduled leave in exceptional circumstances (a childbirth, a
wedding, etc.) ● ​Relocation options
● ​Health services at a medical center ● ​Thriving work environment
○ ​An advanced career progression system ○ ​Sports reimbursements
○ ​Free English classes
○ ​Corporate perks
○ ​Regular corporate events
● ​Comfortable office
○ ​Free tea, coffee, cookies and fruits
○ ​PlayStation console and other relaxing activities ​○ Gym, shower and bicycle parking in the building ​○ Kicker, darts

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