Machine Learning Engineer

Published on Jul 01, 2021

A Product company with office in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Apply for a Job

1-3 years
Job Type:
Data Engineering
Deep Learning
Data Science & AI

What You Will Do Responsibilities

Participating in research as a part of the team working to create a working prototype of a feature with a Machine Learning algorithm in its core. The research is aimed at creating smart document processing.
Designing, implementing and improving the architecture, Machine Learning algorithms, utility code etc.
Performing code and design reviews.
Performing algorithm performance reviews.
Participating in discussions and brainstorms to find interesting and effective solutions to various problems.

What You Should Bring

Ability to write code in Python.
Strong algorithmic skills.
Basic knowledge and practical experience of Machine Learning.
Knowledge of Machine Learning-related math (linear algebra, probability theory, etc.).
Basic knowledge of software architecture design.
Active involvement and interest in Machine Learning.
Experience with some Machine Learning-related libraries, such as NumPy, Matplotlib, NLTK, Pandas, SkiPy and others.
Communication skills.


C++ knowledge is a big plus.
Past experience of coding and programming.
Experience of working with NLP.

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