Senior ML/AI Engineer

Published on Jul 22, 2021

An Outstaff company with office in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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3-5 years
Job Type:
Data Engineering
Deep Learning
Data Science & AI

What You Should Bring

● Hands-on experience (3-6 years) developing machine learning solutions with Python for Unstructured Text Based Problems (NLP), including: ML problem analysis, Data preparation (Exploratory Data Analysis) & transformation, Feature analysis & selection, Topic Modelling & NER (Named Entity Recognition), ML model selection using parameter tuning, Model result analysis and presentation, Transfer Learning, Developing custom ML Model based on requirement
● Good knowledge of machine learning libraries (like Scikit-learn, NLTK, spacy etc.)
● Strong programming knowledge in Python, Flask, NumPy, Pandas etc.
● Good knowledge in statistics and algorithms
● Experience in image recognition or OCR technology


● Experience in Neural Networks and Deep Learning
● Knowledge of ABBYY for PDF and image processing
● Knowledge of cloud-based solutions, preferably Azure Cloud
● Programming knowledge in MVC/.Net Core Web API, C#, SQL Server

Recommended Courses in Data Engineering, Deep Learning and Data Science & AI