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A Product company founded in 2016 with offices in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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This 14 weeks Data Science program will give you in-depth knowledge of Machine Learning techniques. You will take participation in a few Kaggle competitions and create a full-cycle Machine Learning Solution to a real-life problem. After completion, you'll be able to apply on the Junior Data Scientist position on dHired platform. A list of recommended jobs is present below. Remember, only the best ones will get a job.

Target audience

This program is perfect for 2-nd and higher year students of technical specialties. Also, it's a good fit for developers who want to gain some expertise in Data Science.

Ivan Didur
Ivan Didur
Joshua Reuben
Joshua Reuben
System Architect @ Cognyte

Course syllabus
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Math Overview

We will overview all the necessary math fields for comfortable dive into the world of Machine Learning. By the end of 2 weeks, you'll refresh your knowledge of Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Probability Theory. You'll validate your knowledge by passing the test at the end of the week.

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Python Libraries for Data Science

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Supervised Learning

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Unsupervised Learning

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Practical Machine Learning

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RESTful APIs and Containerization

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Final Project

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