Machine Learning/Computer Vision Engineer

Published on Jul 29, 2021

An Outsource company with office in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Apply for a Job

1-3 years
Job Type:
Data Engineering
Deep Learning
Data Science & AI

What You Will Do Responsibilities

— Create a new improved models in a field of Computer Vision;
— Support existing infrustructure for growing audience (like managing errors, False Postitives and etc.);
— Support integration with mobile devices;
— Develop a new AI-based features;
— Participation and endless teamplay with other engineers and specialists.

What You Should Bring

— 2+ years of professional experience in Machine Learning, Computer vision;
— Strong Python knowledge;
— Experience with at least one framework from the list: TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras;
— Understanding state-of-the-art CV approaches for problems like object detection/tracking, video analysis, semantic segmentation, etc.;
— Experience with some of the well-known neural networks architectures such as Yolo, MobileNet, U-Net, etc.;
— Experience with ML/CV libraries: Opencv, Numpy, Matplotlib, Pandas, etc.;
— GIT;
— At least intermediate level of English.


— Experience with any MLops tools: MLFlow, Apache Airflow, Sagemaker, Kubeflow, TFX and etc.;
— Experience creating models as a webservice via Flask, Django, Tensorflow Model Server and etc.;

What You Will Get Benefits

— Career growth opportunity;
— Fascinating and state-of-the-art projects;
— Openness and wide options to choose the best technology and solutions;
— Clear and consistent system of career growth within personal roadmaps;
— Interactive engagement in business processes building and optimization;
— Direct contact with the C-level management;
— Internal knowledge sharing events, corporate parties;
— Paid vacations, sick leaves, courses and training on demand.

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