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uData School

An Outstaff and Startup company founded in 2018 with office in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Company Overview

uData School - an educational project, where talented mathematicians are studying for free and getting one of the data science professions.

For now we have 32 students with solid background in mathematics selected out of 2000+ candidates from over Ukraine.

The knowledge they get covers mathematical statistics and probability theory, Machine Learning, Python for Data Science as well as specialized blocks in Signal processing, Time-series analysis, Deep learning, Big data, Image recognition, Business intelligence, Data mining, Parallel Programming.

uData School students are also involved in a 3-month internship program working in professional teams on real business projects and getting scholarship.

The range of tasks that are solved by uData School teams include, but is not limited to the following:

- organizing data in the database;

- creating the IT infrastructure to work with this data;

- removing the outliers, outdated records, missing data, incorrect or unused information;

- normalizing and structuring database;

- running statistical tests on your data and simple regressions;

- finding relationships in your data and mine the data for patterns;

- creating visualizations, histograms, analytic reports of your business;

- creating supervised learning models: neural networks, SVMs, logistic regression models (and many others);

- creating unsupervised models: clustering, collaboration filtering, etc for your data.

Team Recruitment
Mariia Kavelina
Mariia Kavelina