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Aeneas - public general-purposed blockchain platform. Aeneas platform is an element of the digital civil society ecosystem, designed to facilitate its sustainable development, arrange lobbying markets, increase the inclusiveness of political and legislative processes, expand minority opportunities to take advantages of their rights, to support small and medium-sized businesses, to hold call for tenders through crowdfunding campaigns and complex audit of projects by building a decentralized infrastructure of hybrid intelligence. Aeneas platform will allow: - initiate socially important or proprietary projects; - audit based on crowd wisdom and machine learning algorithms; - submit and satisfy requests for political lobbying; - hold call for tenders among the performers; - build the infrastructure of the blockchain economy and perform the creation of special economic zones; - provide tools for local self-governance of civil society.
Kyiv, Ukraine Freelance Full-Time Part-Time Remote
Posted 10 months ago
DataRoot Labs is looking for the Blockchain Developer to join our development team. DataRoot Labs is a leading Data Science and Data Engineering company, striving to put Ukraine on the map of the world’s best professional Data Science and Data Engineering service providers serving customers across the globe. By helping us with Blockchain development, you will be an essential part of our development team helping international clients with their revolutionary projects.